As the national voice of State and Interstate water programs since 1961, the Association of Clean Water Administrators (ACWA) strives to protect and restore watersheds to achieve “clean water everywhere for everyone.”

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ACWA is a national, nonpartisan professional organization. Association members are the State, Interstate and Territorial officials who are responsible for the implementation of surface water protection programs throughout the nation.

They continue to lead the way in creating and realizing a vision for clean water in America. Select a focus area to see how we support their efforts on:

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ACWA Annual Report 2020

This year’s Annual Report outlines ACWA’s activities and accomplishments for FY2020.

FY 2018-2022 Strategic Plan

Learn about the plans and goals that will help us continue to provide value to members through 2017 and beyond.

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Michigan’s new standards limiting #PFAS in public drinking water supplies are being met by most of the state’s roughly 2,700 municipal & other large public drinking water systems less than a year after the standards were adopted.

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