Toolkit for Adopting and Implementing

Numeric Nutrient Criteria (NNC)

ACWA is pleased to offer this collection of links to State and NGO resources intended to help State Water Quality Regulators assess their ability to adopt and, where applicable, implement NNC. It is ACWA's intent to continue adding relevant resources to this webpage. Please send suggestions to Additional resources are available on EPA's Federal NNC Toolkit Page here. The resources are organized by category:

Criteria Development

Water Quality Monitoring, Assessment, Reporting, and Planning for Nutrients

Permitting, WQBELs, and Trading Guidance


Communications Materials

Nutrients Management

Reduction of nutrient impairments to our nation’s waters is a top priority for states and interstates. ACWA has a long history of working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on strategies to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus loadings to waterbodies. Reductions in nutrient pollution are being achieved via a rich mosaic of approaches that vary by state, pollutant of concern, sources, and collaborators.

See ACWA's Comprehensive Reports on Nutrient Reduction and the Use of Biological Assessments in State Water Programs Around the Country:

Nutrients Toolkit

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